Little things in life.


You know the saying “love the little things in life” I never truly understand what that meant until I had my son. The little things consist of the way he looks at me when I make a funny noise. The sound that he makes when he’s nursing in the middle of the night. The way he smells after he takes a bath. I love being a photographer because I can capture the “little things in life!”

for example his little Mohawk. The few tiny little hairs that stick up on the top of his head, I could probably count them. The tiny little curl that braces his sweet neck.



I Love watching him sleep. My favorite saying is ” let him sleep for when he wakes he will move mountains.” This picture catches the essence of that saying.

move mountains

His eye lashes. When he was born he had none. I’m not being sarcastic, he literally had no eye lashes. But look at them now, long and beautiful like his daddy’s.


His smile is so contagious. He could light up any room with that grin of his.



I love the little things in life. Not just the little things I see on my son, or what he does. The little things like when you see an older couple  holding hands when you walk down the street, or when you wake up in the morning and the first thing you hear out your sunny window is a bird singing. It could even be as simple as flowers. When someone special takes time to get you flowers, that feels you up with joy, or maybe your out and about, and you walk right past a garden. The fresh scent of a blossoming flower.



We all go through troubling times in our life, but when we stop and THINK about “the little things in life” It makes all the troubles disappear for a few seconds. My challenge for you is to stop whatever your doing and find one little thing in your life that you love. Dwell on it for a few minutes, let it devour your thoughts. Let it be the eye opener you need to just enjoy your life.

“love the little things in life  they matter the most!”


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